The completion of the solar panels obtained through the National Solar Schools Program was simplified by the assistance you offered my staff to obtain and complete the necessary paperwork. The actual installation by your company, Solar Power and Pumps in 2009 ran smoothly and unobtrusively to the running of the College.

Prestige Lighting

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Since the introduction of electricity two centuries ago, the electric light bulb was designed using a metal filament glowing bright under high temperatures. From that time the light sources have improved and become more efficient and brighter so now we have halogen, fluoro, HID, HPS, and other technologies of light sources. They are better than the first bulb but still very uneconomical.

In the 21st century we are under increasing pressure to come up with even better, brighter but more economical light sources in order to decrease greenhouse emissions, so our children and grand children will not suffer from uncertain climate change variations.

Your lights at business or home use around 30% of your total power consumption and we at Prestige Lighting can do a lot to dramatically decrease this percentage by utilising super economical LED lighting.
We can retrofit your existing, uneconomical lights, with our LED replacement lights and you will save more than 50% of power and CO2 emissions. Our LED lights have more light output than any other light source. They generate 100 lumen and more per watt of electricity.

Yes, there is an LED light at the end of the tunnel.
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